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Return Policy

General Merchandise

General merchandise may be returned within a 24-hour period.
Merchandise must be accompanied with your cash register receipt as proof of purchase and in its original purchase condition.
Defective merchandise may be returned within five working days and will be replaced at no charge.


If you drop or change a course, texts may be returned under the following conditions stated below:

Returns are allowed for a specified length of time at the beginning of each term. Dates are posted in the bookstore.
You must have a cash register receipt as proof of purchase.
Do not write in your new books until you are certain you have the right ones. New books that are written in can only be refunded at 25% off the list price.
Textbooks purchased after book rush can be returned within 24 hours of purchase. A 15% restock fee will be assessed on the return.
Defective new books will be replaced at no charge. Used books are purchased as-is, therefore no replacement for defects.


There are no returns accepted on trade books or Cliffs Notes.
Defective tradebooks are replaced at no charge.

Computer Products

Computer software must be returned within a 24 hour period.
Software must be in original packaging.
Unwrapped software may not be returned for a refund.
There are no returns on computer diskettes or other computer products.
Defective merchandise will be replaced at no charge.

Clothing & Insignia Items

Refunds are not given on clothing or insignia item purchases.
Clothing may be exchanged, size for size within a 48 hour period.
Cash register receipt must be presented as proof of purchase.
Defective merchandise due to manufacturer errors will be replaced at no charge.